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Agroforestry UAV

Agroforestry Crop Protection UAV

UAV has a lot of advantages when applied in precision agriculture, for example, it’s working in low height, less travel, hovering, requires no special landing fields. The downdraft generated by rotor wing is useful to increase the penetrability of mist flow to crops, which has high control efficiency, straightforward operation in long distance, avoiding to touching pesticide by workers, increasing the safety of spraying. In addition, the spraying technology of UAV uses mist spraying method to save 50% of pesticide and 90% of water at least, which can reduce cost in a large extent. Compared with oil-power UAV, the electric UAV has small dimension, light weight, low rate of depreciation, low labor cost and easy maintenance. The electric UAV is widely used in pest control and pesticide spraying for wheat, rice, fruiter, cotton, etc.

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