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WLT-01F LENS & RF Detector

LENS & RF Detector

Model No.: WLT-01F


WLT-01F LENS & RF detector is professional designed by our company, combined with all features of the wireless & wired camera detectors. It can be used in whenever, wherever, no matter daytime or night time can find all cameras (wired & wireless camera), and its location.This product has 2 functions, Wireless camera detect technology (vibrancy alarm, sound alarm, light flash alarm). The Wired part is according the CCD LASER reflection technology and use the special professional glass to find the all kinds of cameras. The detector also can find the UHF, VHF, GSM signal, GPS tracker, GSM bug, wifi, signal jammer etc to avoid any photographs, spy listen, cheat, and protect your own personal data and information security.

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