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WLT-007 Wireless Signal Detector

Wireless Detector for Detectaphone and Monitor(For Army and police, Government Dept)

Model No.: WLT-007

1. Introduction
  The wireless detector of wiretap is the small wide band wireless detecting equipment, latest studied by army secrecy technology and security institution .It is many used in detecting the working wireless wiretap in objective place, except for seeking and locating accurately, but also the most advanced portable wireless detecting device. Alarming with sound and optic, operating simply, taking conveniently (cells size).The body is made by high-intensity and high quality anti-jamming alloy, with black appearance, fine-Grinding profiling, good feeling.
  The detector would not send any electromagnetic, interfere any wiring, and affect mans health .Its passive detecting equipment, using wide-band simulation to check, detecting the signal intension sent by wiretap. With high sensitivity and coving about 100 meters.
  The detector has went thought army appraisal and got the third technical progress prize, also been authenticated by the army information and security products assessing center.

2. Application
  Detecting the wireless wiretap in car, office, conference, room, dressing room, bathroom, hotel, recreation ground, military establishment or government and so on.
  Checking whether existing electromagnetic in working place or accommodation.
  Detecting home appliances aging or not (such as microwave oven),leaking or not.

3. Function
  Detecting the wireless signal sent by wireless detectaphone or tracker in objective place, and checking if existing strong electromagnetic in working place or housing.

4. Characteristic
  High sensitivity, scope adjustable
  A large range of detecting frequency
  Alarming with sound or optic, simple operation, convenient using , accurate and security.
  A good compatibility of electromagnetic.
  Small volume, easy taking.

5. Technical Indexes
  Scope of detecting frequency: 1MHZ-8000MHZ
  Main frequency channel: 25MHz-6000MHz
  Detecting sensitivity : <=0.05mw
  Detecting dynamic range: 70Db
  Indicate mode: 9 levels LED luminescence indication/voicing instruction
  Power: 9V laminated battery
  Volume: 120*62*22mm

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