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WLT-0502 Peace Ear Bone Conduction Tactical Communication System + Flex Boom Microphone

Peace Ear Bone Conduction Tactical Communication System + Flex Boom Microphone

Model No.: WLT-0502



Even wearing the helmet, you still can hear ambient sound clear.

Tactical bone conduction headset changes the audio signals into vibratory motion through electromechanical converter, which was directly transmitted into the inner ear through facial bones, and it has a good reception of very clear sound. At the same time, users also can hear ambient sound clear. Tactical Bone Conduction Headset includes nylon strap, adjustable steel head-clip with spring, accurate miniature microphone, control box, telecontrol interphone switch with cable.

Due to the noise around ambient, traditional earpiece interfered. While wearing the Tactical bone conduction headset, special personnel does not only get the reception of wireless audio signals through facial bones’ vibration but also can clear and swift hear ambient sound even wearing helmet.

Tactical bone conduction headset has the functions of reception and call; it is compatible with all radios. It is applied to in many industry fields such as antiterrorism, special police, fire fighting, and point constable etc. 


Bone Conduction Tactical Headset features two-way communication function and compatibility with all radios. It is ideal for use in anti-terrorism, SWAT, police, fire fighting, traffic police, etc.


Bone Conduction Microphone Specifications




Current Drain

Typical: 19uA; Maximum: 50uA

Sensitivity (re 1V/ 1g acceleration,1KHz)

-39dB or -45dB (Depending on Frequency Response)

Output Impedance

4.9-5.5 KΩ

A-Weight Noise Level (re1V)

Maximum: -103dB


Flex Boom Microphone Specifications 


Test Frequency

Sensitivity(dB) 2 re 1.0Volt/0.1 Pa (N/M2)

Minimum Value

Typical Value

Maximum Value














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