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WLT Mobile Phone Monitor

WLT Mobile Phone Monitor



1/. Once your target cellphone dials, it will sound “bee” in your cellphone.

2/. No distance limit. No environment limit.

3/. Monitor 20 cellphone numbers max. Change target numbers freely.

4/. When your target cellphone in conversation, you will hear clearly.

5/. SMS 1000 pcs recorded max.

6/. GPS accurately in 3-5 meters.

7/. Voice recording 300 hours max. Replay records freely.



1/. Take out your SIM card from your cellphone.

2/. Put our monitor card into the SIM card slot.

3/. Go to “Cellphone Setting”. Find “SIM Card” option(depends on different cellphones).

4/. It shows “Log in”. Then input 6 passwords(supplied by us).

5/. After input password, it shows 5 functions as below:

     a. Dial numbers for free(it will cost the fees, better not dial)

     b. Cellphone monitoring

     c. SMS intercepting

     d. GPS located

     e. Voice recording.

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