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WLT-5C Continuous Frequency Wireless Signal Jammer

Continuous Frequency Wireless Signal Jammer

Model No.: WLT-5C



This model can block the disturbed target to receive remote control command and communication signal through transmitting the particular wireless signal. It can shield wireless signal with various of frequency, various of communication modes like 20MHz-3GHz which include children toy’s remote control, aeromodelling remote control, mini type wireless interphone, auto lock’s remote control, self-regulating wireless device and terminals of mobile communications, etc. It can shield high frequency high-end products like digital transportation, wire tapping, etc. effectively which is a vital device of safety antiterrorism department and widely use to public safety explosive-searching, spot of explosive-handling, political leaders-safeguarding, sweep confidential work at meeting and important site, etc.  

Technical parameters:

1. Power input: 220V        

2. Input port: 3 poles

3. RF Output: average 10W per channel (20W, 30W, 50W can be customized.)

4. RF frequency: 20-2.5GHz connected frequencies                                              

5. Antenna: N connectors

6. Working scope: 100-200m in diameter

7. Dimension: 660*520*500mm(not contain antenna)     

8. Weight: 80kg

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