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WLT-5L Wireless Signal Jammer

Wireless Signal Jammer for Low Frequency signal

Model No.: WLT-5L



This model can shield all types of remote signal, and specially use for shielding the signal of remote-activated bombs. It can save and buy time for obviating and preventing the detonation of the remote-activated bombs.

Technical parameters:

1. Power input: 220V

2. Input port: 3 poles

3. RF Output: average 10W (20W, 30W, 50W can be customized.)

4. RF frequency: 20-30MHz, 30-50MHz, 130-180MHz, 300-400MHz, 400-550MHz

5. Antenna: flabelliform antennas

6. Antenna: N connectors

7. Working scope: 100-200m in diameter

8. Dimension: 430*300*60mm(not contain antenna)

9. Weight: 8kg

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