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C Band Satellite TV Jammer

C Band Satellite TV Jammer


1. Feature

a. Inapparent transmitting antenna, no parabolic antenna, no horn antenna, wind-proof, well disguised

b. Military microwave transmitting tube with stable and high power

c. Singlechip controlled periodic circuit, sweeping frequency output.

d. Cast aluminium water-proof case, good thermal diffusivity.

2. Specification

a. Frequency: 3.7Ghz – 4.2Ghz(C Band)

b. Output power: 10Watt

c. Frequency hopping: less 10 in one second.

d. Effection: Still video, mosaics screen or blank screen.

e. Jamming angle: more than 75 degrees and less than 180 degrees.

f. Jamming radius: 10W, up to 25KM

g. Power consumption: Less 100W

h. Power supply: 220V AC 50HZ

i. Gross Weight: 10 KG


Note:Customized frequency coverage is available.

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