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WLT SMS Advertising Sender

WLT SMS Advertising Sender


1. Introduction

WLT SMS Advertising Sender can send advertising info to cell phone (GSM/DCS/TD-CDMA/WDMA) without charge. The coverage area is within 1-100M.When the cell phone holder enters into the covered area, the unit can intercept the IMSI code and send SMS automatically. No retransmit to the same IMSI code to avoid disturbance to the customer for repeating SMS.


Component:BPU+ CCU + Client (computer)



2. Technical Data

Working banwidth:

a. GSM850 Upstream:824MHz~849MHz   Downstream:869MHz~894MHz

b. E/GSM900 Upstream:880MHz~915MHz  Downstream:925MHz~960MHz

c. GSM1800 Upstream:1710MHz~1785MHz  Downstream:1805MHz~1880MHz

d. GSM1900 Upstream:1850MHz~1910MHz  Downstream:1930MHz~1990MHz


MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures):less than 1000 hours

Life time:More than 10 year. (replacement for spare parts is required)

MTTR(Mean Time to Repair):less than half an hour (0.5h).

System capability:single carrier

Total power:≤40W


Environmental suitability:

working temperature:-10℃~ +55℃  

storage temperature:-20℃~65℃  

relative humidity:95% ± 3%


Intercept probability:

About 200pcs MS in coverage area: intercept probability is 96%

About 200-400pcs MS in coverage area: intercept probability is 94%

About 400-600pcs MS in coverage area: intercept probability is 92%

About 600-800pcs MS in coverage area: intercept probability is 90%

About 800-1000pcs MS in coverage area: intercept probability is 88%


Working efficiency:90% effective attack within coverage area.


3. Installation & steps

a. take out the main unit & antenna

b. screw the antenna into each socket

c. lay the unit on the desk ( h≥0.5m)

d. connect to computer

e. install the supporting software

f. Connect the DC power with the main unit, plug in the power adapter, turn on the main unit

g. operation of the software please refer to the user's manual for easy reference


4. Working area(used widely in places like following)

a. financial & securities; traffic & transportation; health & medical communities

b. parks & resorts; entertainment facilities; restaurants & hotels

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